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Your Canola Company

In 1993 Southern Oil (Pty) Ltd. revolutionised agriculture in the Western Cape with the introduction of Canola as a crop in South Africa. The objective was to process locally grown canola seeds and stimulate the growth of a new product industry in the SA market place. What began as an ambitious enterprise development project, with the aim of creating jobs has grown from strength to strength and today SOILL is the leader in the ever-growing Canola Oil market. Ever since opening its doors in 1996 SOILL’s goal was to provide farmers with an alternate income stream and still today we procure 100% of the South African canola crop and utilise only locally grown canola seed in the production of Canola oil products, including our own B-well retail brand. SOILL’s modern extraction plant and impressive oil refinery is located in the picturesque town of Swellendam in the Western Cape. SOILL’s commitment to develop the local community, ability to create jobs and development focus is the pride of Swellendam.

B-well Grapeseed Oil

B-well Grapeseed Oil is a by-product of the local wine industry. It's very high smoke point makes it perfect for high temperature usage. In the kitchen Grapeseed oil complements salads, sauces, marinades and baking thanks to its neutral taste.




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