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Biodiesel Reactor

BDX 1000

BDX 1000 is a complete modular methyl ester production machine with the  capacity of 1 000 litres/day, ready for start-up after connection to the external tanks such as for methanol, oil, methyl ester, KM32 and G-phases, compressed air, external ventilation lines and electric power.

The BDX 1000 features a batch process system containing automatic electronic proportioning system of the oil to catalyst and methanol dosing, automatic catalyst preparation system, unique high-efficiency propeller mixer, decanter/reactor tank. There is electric heating installed in the unit, therefore there is no need for external source of heat and consequently BDX 1000 can be installed virtually anywhere, where electric supply is available. However, the customer must be aware of the fact that the unit has to be placed in a well ventilated and Ex Proof hall. The washing of the methyl ester is carried out by combination of adsorption and filtration units. Washing water, steam and acids are completely avoided in the process. BDX 1000 produces biodiesel fully automatically, only the dry-wash media replacement is performed manually.

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