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CPU 3000F

CPU 3000F

The CPU 3000F is a complete modular methyl ester production machine (two-stage transesterification process, using dry purification system for the final cleaning of the biodiesel) installed in one 20 ft container frame, including pre-filtering, free fatty acid reduction (from 5 % max to 1,5 %) as well, ready to start up after connecting to the external tanks (methoate and methanol, compressed air, electric power, oil input).

The CPU 3000F features a continuous process system containing particle size filtering, FFA reduction by neutralization and glycerolysis, with electronic proportioning systems, static and propeller mixers, decanter-reactors, vacuum distillation for removal of excess methanol and methanol recycling.

The CPU 3000F  is a “plug and play” complete production unit itself, assembled and tested prior to delivery in our own production facility. The operation of the CPU 3000F is fully automated, remote control and remote operating intervention is available. The CPU 3000F is a standardized, combined unit of free fatty acid reduction and transesterification.


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