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Turnkey Facilities

Turnkey Facilities

BiotechSA provides comprehensive design and construction services to complete turnkey biodiesel refineries with output capacities that range from 300 thousand liters to more than 25 million liters per year. Thanks to advanced process innovations and leading-edge equipment, our biodiesel plants typically have smaller footprints than traditional refineries. This leads to more efficient operations, better quality control, and better overall profitability through increased productivity and reduced initial and on-going facility costs. In Southern Africa, our plants run around the clock, and typically run 350 days a year.

For most biodiesel projects, you need:

  • Land, and Building - properly zoned (heavy industrial)
  • Permits - environmental and government related
  • BiotechSA refinery
  • Support infrastructure (boiler, chiller, storage tanks, labor, etc.)

Our turnkey solution means that we work with you to take care of everything except land, and building at your proposed site. We’ll help your local project manager navigate the permit process and manage the engineering/plant-end of the project. Your building architect is responsible for managing the civil engineering portion, but we will work with your civil architect to design the plant layout.

All of our turnkey refinery systems are fully automated and all operations are run from a central control room. The software used to run the operations is designed to keep things simple and running smoothly. Facilities take anywhere from 7 to 12 months from order to deployment depending on the size of the plant.

In addition to our turnkey facility services, we also offer equipment-only solutions for new plant construction. Just as the name implies, our equipment-only services gives you a BiotechSA quality refinery, but that’s it. We provide the refinery itself and you are responsible for engaging engineering firm to complete the project. Along with the refinery, we also supply the specifications and drawings for ancillary equipment and piping.

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